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Danny - 22, mountain bikes are like my life, snowboarding, gaming, music, chilling on beaches, completely random, chat shit, bit of a cunt :), Digital Designer - Motion Graphics, 3D and UI/UX Design, drawing, photography. If you wanna know more... ask!


One of my fav photosets.

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Hennessey Venom Gt Via

Anonymous asked: I havent forgotten you. You give Your attention to people who don't apprecite it

cool story


Carving Landscapes Out of Books by Guy Laramee

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Starring: Mosler MT900GT
 (by I rM)

P1 by 4WheelsofLux Photography on Flickr.

Rolex 1680/8 Submariner x Us trying to light a cigar with the Aventador.More of our footage at



Narigua House, Mexico by David Pedroza Castañeda | via

Completed by David Pedroza Castañeda architects in 2013, the Nirigua House is a colossal residence in Mexico covering 8,000 square-feet. Built up in the mountainous woodlands, the home offers spectacular 360º views of the beautiful landscape while simultaneously respecting the existing ecosystem.

To preserve the existing greenery, a floor plan was devised with various different “zones” that group around the old cedar trees. The first zone contains the garage and storage spaces. The entrance hall, master bedroom, and staircase to the lower level are all located in the second volume, and the third features the kitchen and social area. The building material selection also help the building to blend into its surroundings, with copper and stained wood making for a rustic aesthetic.

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Tiffany Aventador | photographer